Not only children suffering from autism, their parents also need special care, know why !!

Not only children suffering from autism, their parents also need special care, know why !!

Your special needs journey won’t be the same as anyone else’s, so don’t let anyone in the world tell you what it should look like. ~ Unknown

Parenting a child with autistic behaviour is extremely challenging. So it is important that those taking care of them stay positive and take care of themselves too.
The relationship between a child and a parent is very beautiful. But sometimes children are mentally and physically healthy, but are surrounded by stress from inside. If your child is differently abled or autistic, he may be under severe stress. Also, it can have a negative impact on the mental health of their caregiver or their parents. Let’s explore how you can overcome it.

“The mental and emotional health of the person with autism as well as their caregivers is likely to be severely affected. It becomes very difficult for such parents to manage children’s behaviour, household finances, workplace and household chores at the same time. In the beginning, parents of children suffering from autism have to face a lot of difficulties. But as time passes, they adapt and learn to handle these situations.

Parenting a child with autistic behaviour is fraught with difficulties. But don’t forget that this problem can also turn out to be positive for your family. There is just a need to rise above this limited thinking to see this situation. When there is small progress in the challenges of such children, it brings a smile on the face of the parents. This strengthens the self-confidence of the caregiver of the child. In such a situation, the whole family should act unitedly. With this, the relationship between the family will be strengthened and the child will also be taken care of well. However, while taking care of the baby, it is also very important to take care of your health. If your health deteriorates, then the health of the child can be affected even more badly.

Parents of children suffering from autism may have to face these challenges
physically :

1. Family members of children with autism can have an impact on their mental health as well as their physical health. Parents and caregivers have to face problems like anxiety, depression. In recovering from these problems, their physical health also gets badly affected.Due to being under stress, their immunity becomes weak and the problem of sleeplessness also starts. Because of this, there is difficulty in concentrating on anything and remembering things. At the same time it can cause many more health risks.

2. Emotional Impact:
Dealing with a child with autism can be an emotional roller coaster. Most of the mothers of such children become mentally weak. At the same time, sometimes parents blame themselves that they must have done something like this, only then their child is facing such a situation. At the same time, this society also does not allow parents to remain normal. Parents are further disturbed due to reactions like taunting the child and commenting on the family. Also, the sympathy expressed by people breaks them emotionally instead of giving them courage. Along with this, sometimes the parent or the person taking care of the child has to face embarrassment in the public place due to the behaviour of the child.

3. Financially:
The cost of treatment of a child suffering from autism is very high. Because of this, the families of such children have to go through many financial problems. In many cases, even the insurance plans are not able to cover the cost of treatment and cure. Autism medicines are equally expensive. Many families get into a lot of debt. Which can affect both their mental and physical health.

Parents’ problems can be reduced in these ways –

1. Therapy and Counseling
Caregivers of children with autism can attend counselling sessions with the children. Where they are taught to deal with different types of emotions. Communication with the caregiver will also help bridge the gap. The use of medicines can control depression and anxiety only for a limited period of time. So try to participate in activities like counselling.

2. Be a part of a support group
There are many small groups that teach caregivers how to deal with children with autism. In such a situation, joining these groups will help in eliminating the fear inside and you will be able to accept it completely. At the same time, these groups also try to explain the problem completely.

3. Help and Acceptance is Most Important
Often the family whose children are suffering from some problem, the family members isolate themselves a little socially. If someone shows sympathy in front, they cannot accept it. In such a situation, learn to accept things and ask people for help when needed. This will help you understand the situation better and motivate you to be a better caretaker.

Author Sradhanjali Dasgupta

Consultant Psychologist, Speaker , Learning Developmental Coach, Teacher and trainer Miss. Sradhanjali Dasgupta has been extensively working in the field of Counselling and education for the past few years in several Clinics, Hospitals, NGOs and educational sectors. She also contributes her writings and blogs in various newspapers, magazines and e- magazines Her training and workshops are both for the corporate as well as for the educational sector and are geared up for learning and development,upgradation and capacity building. She have actively taken part in many debates.

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