SuperSaturday by our CreativeSaathis

1. Artist- Joanne Rodrigues

Title- Cloudy blues

Profile– Joanne Rodrigues is aged 15years on the Autism Spectrum.

Joanne apart from being an athlete, a Chef has also ventured into expressing herself and her emotions through colours.
Fluid art is something which she enjoys and loves a lot of Vibrancy which can be seen through her paintings.

2. Artist Prajakta Dey

Title -Entwine of colours.

Description – Prajakta loves to tap on different types of surfaces,so she did this piece of artwork by tapping spoon on colours,red is for power,green is for prosperity, orange is for passion,pink is for love.

Profile – Prajakta is need based verbal child on ASD, she is 12+ other than painting she loves to do embroidery and household work.

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