SpecialSaathi Newsletter- June 2023

SpecialSaathi Newsletter – June 2023

Dear SpecialSaathi community,

Welcome to the June edition of our newsletter! This month, we are proud to feature the inspiring stories and interviews of amazing fathers who are making a significant impact in the Autism space. These fathers are true Changemakersaathis, and their dedication and love for their children are truly remarkable. We hope their stories inspire and motivate you as much as they have inspired us.

In addition to the Changemakersaathi stories, we also launched our “Poll of the Day” in our Official WhatsApp group. We are thrilled to see parents actively participating and voicing their opinions on various topics related to autism. It’s heartwarming to witness the community coming together to share insights and learn from one another through these daily polls and the ensuing discussions.

We are also excited to announce that our 100-Day Selfcare quest has reached its halfway point! It’s incredible to see the commitment and perseverance of our participants as they recognize self-care as a necessity rather than a luxury. So far, 18 participants have successfully completed 50 days of the journey, and we couldn’t be prouder of their dedication to their well-being. Remember, taking care of yourself is crucial, and we encourage all our community members to prioritize self-care.

Our creative team and bloggers have been hard at work, delivering some fantastic content for our readers. Despite the summer vacations and holiday mood, they have churned out insightful blogs and creative posts that continue to educate and entertain. We appreciate their dedication and creativity in bringing valuable content to our platform.

However, due to the summer vacations and the closure of schools and some government organizations, we were unable to carry out our awareness programs this month. We understand the importance of these programs in creating awareness and fostering inclusion, and we will make sure to resume them in the coming months.

#Joyful June and #Jump Back Up July

Parents were invited to explore #Joyful June, an Action for Happiness initiative in the month of June
Similarly the July theme is #Jump Back Up July.

Welcoming July

Looking ahead to the month of July, we have an exciting plan in store for our worldwide readers. The theme for July is ” Global Changemakers- Expert’s stories from all across the world”. SpecialSaathi will be featuring Changemakers from all across the world and sharing their journeys and stories. This global perspective will provide us with valuable insights and inspiration as we work towards creating a more inclusive world for individuals with autism. We can’t wait to bring you these incredible stories!

Thank you all for being a part of the SpecialSaathi community. Your support, engagement, and commitment to making a difference are what drive us every day. Together, we can continue to create a more inclusive society.

Warm regards,

Shilpi Mayank Awasthi
Founder SpecialSaathi

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