Anger wave

Anger wave

Where it originates, Anger from the inner cage,
Lash around we do, in misspent outrage,

Like those unruly waves on the rocks,
Cause be the skies and winds leading the soft waves in flocks.

What kindles these troubled emotions in man?
Is it the upheavals we face against mind’s plan?

Or is it our restless souls?
Refusing to bow down to the stifling ripples?

Or is it the pride that looks down,
to instantly judge and condemn.

The waves break and die fighting the infallible rocks….
But here the dear hearts break everywhere in sad heaps.

Is my wild outpourings breaking me and mine spirit,
As doth you disappear in your fury on rocks, pretty waves effervescent..

Love and awe in us you inspire much,
soothing the souls in every touch….

Time doesn’t favor you poor wild waves, my short lived friends,
Wasted be our time in rage though gifted with invaluable decades.

Where be my compassion ?
Under the weight of compromises is it in stupor be?

Or lost have I,
the unfailing spring of forgiveness?


never to lose,
just hidden in the life’s dense jungles.

Everlasting elixir of peace,
sweet patient compassion,
will thee come give a hand,
at every slip of temper,
to extract me from
the blinding fogs,
that doth render me naught.

With the Grace of the Lord,
Subha Rajesh
This is a new poem for this website. I had written this on my blog when I was warring between anger and compassion on myself and those around me. The waves lash around and then soothe much like how we do.

Author Subha Rajesh

Home maker, Mom, a poetry and writing enthusiast who likes to explore and write verses on philosophy, relationships and nature.

Creative representation for this poem is done by our extremely talented CreativeSaathi associate Dhrov Tikoo

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