Mental Health Issuess in Children

Mental Health Issuess in Children

Currently, the number of patients suffering from various mental problems is increasing. Especially since mental health is not good after Corona, mental diseases or problems like suicide, depression, anxiety have increased. Mental health refers to the mental health of a person. If a person can identify himself as beautiful, healthy and a good citizen of the country after seeing all the normal and abnormal things around him, then he is considered as a healthy person. If a child or person is physically and mentally healthy, he can be satisfied with his own satisfaction in family, social and workplace. can achieve satisfaction.

The development of mental health is mainly from the family. Because the first development of a child starts from the family. Just as excessive affection, neglect, and excessive discipline disrupts the normal development of the child, moderate affection, love, discipline, dignity and acknowledgment of work ensure the normal development of the child. So families should be well organised with sincerity.

What are the family signs of a child’s mental health?
Being more moody than usual, complaining of occasional headaches and stomachaches, sleep disturbances and nightmares, staying away from school, social shyness, getting angry and fearful about small things.

Signs of emotional instability in teenagers and young adults include loss of interest in many previously favourite subjects, fights with friends, excessive interest or disinterest in sports, and addiction to ‘gaming’ or social media.

Emotional instability leads to self-harm, smoking, drug addiction, and ultimately suicidal decisions.

Why do children have mental problems?

Mental problems can arise in children for various reasons. Various kinds of misbehaviour at school, scolding by teachers, emotional distance between parents and children, excessive discipline or excessive caressing of children, unhealthy environments such as parental divorce or regular quarrels when children grow up. Also, unhealthy eating habits such as overindulgence in outside food.

What to do to keep the child’s mental health good
Family, school and social conditions play an important role in the healthy mental development of the child. Their emotions and desires cannot be imposed on them. They should be allowed to develop as they are. It is normal for children to have anger, resentment, jealousy etc.

Children should never be compared with others. Children do not have the ability to understand that everything is done for good. He thinks that if he behaves like others then his parents will love him too. Be there for the child when he is emotionally broken. Listen to him carefully.

Reassure her that you are always with her. Let them make mistakes sometimes. Don’t correct children all the time, let them understand the importance of life, time, money and hard work. Teach them to shoulder their own tasks and responsibilities. In this way it will be possible to maintain his mental health.

Children and adolescents are always blamed for children’s mental health problems and difficult life situations. But why they are in this state is not considered. Many children’s normal lives become abnormal under the stress of family conflict.

According to Psychologist and psychiatrists, this has a negative impact on children’s mental development. Children who grow up with their parents’ morale, they later become depressed, antisocial and violent. A kind of restlessness is created between them. As a result, there is a lack of concentration in studies and at work.

Currently, this generation is facing various problems including mental illness. The government has been working to provide mental health services to the people and improve mental health for a long time. Various steps have been taken to make people aware by expanding the field of research on mental health in the country.

Arrangements have been made for the training of psychiatrists and related persons. To ensure the mental well-being of the people, public and private hospitals, health centres and educational institutions have also taken up awareness programs on mental health, where a counsellor or psychologist is staying.Along with physical health, the development of mental health is essential for building a better life and a happy prosperous country. If mental health is good, efficiency will increase.

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