What held back – a poem by Subha Rajesh

what flipped within
as the soft doe eyes
and untested feathers
flew into the sky’s jungles
where eagles and hawks prowl

what held back
as her little babe
found courage to reach
freedom in the wind
life in beauty and strife
the breadth that reached
the thirsty deep veins

she that wished
all she had and more
for her sweet child
life’s gift to her
to reach beyond her mortal cage

With the Grace of the Lord,
Subha Rajesh

Subha Rajesh

Home maker, Mom, a poetry and writing enthusiast who likes to explore and write verses on philosophy, relationships and nature.

Creative representation for this poem is done by our extremely talented CreativeSaathi associate Dhrov Tikoo


Specialsaathi Newsletter- May

Dear Community members,

SpecialSaathi is thrilled to announce that the month of May was dedicated to celebrating Mother’s Day.

We wanted to honor all the super-awesome mothers who have been the driving force behind their family’s success.

During this special month, we featured a series of interviews, ChangemakerSathi माँ stories, and ParentSaathi talks, showcasing some amazing mothers who have overcome challenges and achieved greatness.

● To start off the month, SpecialSaathi had a privilege to share an exclusive interview and ChangemakerSathi story of Mr. Aditya Tiwari, a visionary and exceptional leader who has proven that motherhood is not restricted to one gender. As a single adoptive parent in India, Mr. Tiwari has set an inspiring example for all parents.

●Next, we featured an exclusive interview and ChangemakerSathi story of Ms. Indrani Basu, an Autism Interventionist who has changed the face of Parent-child training programs in India. Her work has helped numerous families overcome the challenges of raising children with autism. Read Changemakersaathi माँ: Indrani Basu here-

●We were honored to feature an exclusive interview and ChangemakerSathi story of Ms. Akila Vaidyanathan, Founder and Director of Amaze Charitable Trust. Her tireless efforts have helped improve the lives of countless children with special needs. “Tempered with love”- journey of Akila Vaidyanathan, read it here-

●We at SpecialSaathi were privileged and honored to feature Ms. Merry Barua as a ChangemakerSaathi on the special occasion of Mother’s Day, we acknowledged Ms. Merry Barua’s immeasurable contributions to the Autism community in the Indian subcontinent and beyond, in our small little way. She is a remarkable woman and a strong mother who has been instrumental in helping millions of individuals with disabilities and their families.
Read her inspirational story “The Revolutionary Merry Barua”

●In addition to that, we featured some super Mothers who not only made it for themselves and their kids but also helped the society and the fellow parents in this journey. We have the privilege to feature Ms. Jaya Sudhakar, an Autism Advocate, and Ms. Gouri Ganti, Founder of Maasi, as ChangemakerSathi माँ.

We hope that by sharing these inspiring stories, we could celebrate the remarkable achievements of so many mothers and tried to inspire millions of others to follow in their footsteps.

●Recognizing the importance of inclusive education, SpecialSaathi, in association with Satyam College of Education Noida, conducted the Schoolsaathi Awareness Program on their campus.This program focused on two significant topics: the development of an Individual Education Plan (IEP) and effectively dealing with students’ diversity in the classroom.

SpecialSaathi expresses deep gratitude to the Principal, Industry placement head, coordinators, and authorities of Satyam College for providing this valuable opportunity. SpecialSaathi also extends heartfelt thanks to the esteemed guest speakers and resource persons, Dr. Sonali Kataria, Founder Head of Sunrise Learning Foundation, and Ms. Sonia Jaitley, Founder and Director of Orane Kids Noida. A special acknowledgment goes to Mr. Praval Yadav, Founder and Director of Margshree Inclusive Society, for creating this opportunity.

Schoolsaathi Awareness Program-Empowering future Teachers for Inclusive Education. Read it here-

●We conducted a ParentSaathi Webinar on the topic “Communication beyond speech” the guest speaker and the resource person being Ms. Anjana Sathyabodha- Co-founder and lead Speech and Language Pathologist at Subodha. View the recording of the webinar-

The best part and initiative of the month of May –

Specialsaathi launched the “100-Day Self-Care Quest“on Mother’s day, specially designed to help all the lovely Mothers to prioritize their mental, emotional, and physical health. This quest running successfully was especially meant for everyone willing to invest a minimum of 40 minutes each day in indulging in self-care activities. There is reward and motivation.

Rewards 🏆
● Eligible for a rank in the Daily leaderboard tally
● Eligible for a prestigious Certificate of appreciation from SpecialSaathi.

Around 20 mothers are competing and taking out me-time for themselves daily, amidst their challenging work schedule and challenges which comes along being a parent of a specially-abled kid.

They are making each day count in these 100 days and determined to create a life-changing impact. We can’t wait to celebrate their progress and achievements along the way!

Remember, investing in self-care is a priceless gift these mothers have given to themselves this Mother’s day!

MySuperSaathi Yuvi and his friends May comic strip was dedicated to the amazingly superb mothers.

● Our awesome Bloggersaathis wrote some superb blogs and some new bloggersaathis joined our task force which included – Dr. Indu Manicketh, Jaya Sudhakar, Subha Rajesh, and a guest blogger Peter Blake from USA.

● Our extremely talented CreativeSaathis worked hard as usual to meet daily deadlines of creating beautiful artworks for our daily blogs. New addition to the CreativeSaathi team was talented Siddhanth Palaparti who designs graphics for his mother Jaya Sudhakar’s blogs every week.

Let’s Welcome the Month of June: Father’s day special month.

SpecialSaathi is thrilled to announce that the month of June will be dedicated to celebrating Father’s Day. We want to honor some of the superbly amazing fathers out there who have been the driving force behind their family’s success.

During this special month, we will be featuring a series of interviews, ChangemakerSathi पिता stories, and ParentSaathi talks, showcasing some amazing fathers who have overcome challenges and achieved greatness.

We hope that by sharing these inspiring stories, we can celebrate the remarkable achievements of fathers and inspire others to follow in their footsteps. Let’s celebrate this special month. More details will follow soon.

At SpecialSaathi, we are committed to making a positive impact in the lives of individuals with disabilities, and we will continue to work towards this goal beyond one particular month. Thank you for your support, and we look forward to sharing more updates with you in the monthly newsletter in the future.

Best regards
Shilpi Mayank Awasthi
Founder SpecialSaathi