Mother’s role in child rearing

Childhood is the foundation of future life. The role of the mother is the main and important to strengthen this foundation and make it an ideal child of the future. A conscious, wise mother can teach her child to be a proper person. A child’s greatest friend is his mother. A mother is not only a birth mother, but also an artist of creating children with beautiful character.

From the time of being in the mother’s womb, the child perceives and imitates his mother’s nature. All actions, thoughts, feelings, behaviour and values of the mother affect the child. Because the child stays with the mother 90% of the time during education. The child’s first and true teacher and mother. A child’s education comes directly from the mother.
Mai first introduces the child to parents and relatives. Mother talks to her baby all the time while learning to talk. Teaches names of different things including body parts. In a joint family the work is much easier but in a single family the mother has to fulfil the responsibility.

The mother’s mouth is the first language that the child begins to grasp. Even from infancy the child learns to imitate every behaviour and speech of the mother. Because children are very imitative. He loves to imitate everything. So the mother has to take care of the baby very carefully at this time. It is through the mother that the child becomes familiar with his family and surroundings. So the role of mother is very important in the mental formation and character development of a child.

No one else can do the care and education of her child with the devotion, sincerity and affection of a mother. In fact, there is no alternative to the mother. It is possible only for the mother to prepare a bag with all the necessary things including books, notebooks and pens and to reach the school on time with hair cut and tidied up. Excessive affection also makes the tender child self-willed. The mother should be aware of that. A child should never be over disciplined. Punishment for minor sins often makes the child more stubborn. If the mother tries to correct the child with compassion, that effort brings much more benefit than physical punishment.

The responsibility of forming the child’s character is mainly to be fulfilled by the mother. In the family, the mother has to set an example in front of the child by showing devotion and respect to the elders and affection to the younger ones. They should not accept unfair obligations with excessive affection. The habit of only wanting to fulfill needs makes the child stubborn. Therefore, the child’s needs should be met according to their own ability. Every mother must spend some time in shaping the child’s character in spite of her busy schedule.

The mother’s role in guiding the child in the right direction with the help of the heart and the guidance of the eyes is immense.

Author Sradhanjali Dasgupta

Consultant Psychologist, Speaker , Learning Developmental Coach, Teacher and trainer Miss. Sradhanjali Dasgupta has been extensively working in the field of Counselling and education for the past few years in several Clinics, Hospitals, NGOs and educational sectors. She also contributes her writings and blogs in various newspapers, magazines and e- magazines Her training and workshops are both for the corporate as well as for the educational sector and are geared up for learning and development,upgradation and capacity building. She have actively taken part in many debates


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