SuperSaturday by our CreativeSaathis

1. Artist – Tanisha Saxena, 11 years

Tanisha is a young blooming kid Artist (11 yrs.) on Autism Spectrum.

She started painting in the year 2020, as a leisure activity, started with mixing colours and experiencing different textures on the sheet and soon she developed interest in Abstract paintings. Her paintings reflect combination of colours and textures.
You can see her creations and reviews of proud owners of paintings that are sold on Instagram and Facebook too.

Art which was started as a therapy now makes her stand out!
She is differently abled but not less!

Her social and web page links are as follows;




2. Artist – Gomathi Shankar, 25 years

Gomathi Shankar is an artist and practice lots of water colour, acrylic colour, colour pencils and also pastel colours. She has got interest in art, craft and also stitching. She does cutting and cooking. She loves nature and walking is her passion. Whenever she feels low, she goes for a walk. She also contributes by making and selling newspaper bag for disposing used sanitary pads. Her art work is selected for sunrise calendar for the year 2021, 2022 and 2023.


Thinking in my Mind
Being Polite: a social story

Thinking in my Mind
Being Polite
Author : Simmi Vasu
Artwork Courtesy : Sunflower artworks- Dhrov Tikoo, Nina, boy and girl artworks by Morpheus Nag, Kind net artwork by Vinayak Raj; and some Google images
Story idea :

Hello! I am Nina, Today my buddy Sunshine (a sunflower) is going to make you learn the super duper cool ways to be polite.

Artwork by Dhrov Tikoo

What is being polite?

Being polite means, we care for the feelings of others. We do not use rude & nasty words even in anger.
Let me explain this
Our head has a “Thinking Bubble” & a “Talking Bubble”

Well, well this is a “Thinking Bubble” 👇

and this a “ Talking Bubble” 👇

Nina: There are so many thoughts which run in my mind.

Nina [artwork by Morpheus Nag]

Sunshine : Yes, I think a lot too. Like, I think of the sun, when will it be up and I can see all my friends, or what if the bees don’t come to have their fill of my nectar? (Well! this thought itself is scary)

Artwork by Dhrov Tikoo

Nina: We all think about many things in our mind throughout the day. But we have to be careful when we speak or talk about (express) these thoughts loudly.

Artwork by Dhrov Tikoo

Sunshine: yes, yes, I do talk to my bee friends.
Thoughts can be good when you express them. They make others happy.

Boy: Hi your dress looks really nice.
Girl: Thank you!!

Artwork by Morpheus Nag

It can be unkind too
Boy: Your hair is messy..
Girl: That was rude!!

Artwork by Morpheus Nag

Sunshine: Rude and unkind words hurt my friends and family

Talking Bubble

Everyone can hear these as I say them loudly.

Thinking Bubble

No one can hear these words, these are words in my head.

Sunshine : Before I speak out my thoughts I take it through my “Kind Net

Here’s the kind net my brain is using.

Artwork by Vinayak Raj

Nina: “Kind Net”, What is a “Kind Net”
Sunshine: Well, “Kind Net” is a net in my head through which I run my thoughts before I speak.

So, before the thoughts come to my “Talking Bubble” I check:
• If what I am saying are kind words
• They are not rude & nasty
• They are not hurting others.
• I don’t speak out secrets someone entrusted me with.
• I am not constantly talking out loud when no one is around.
• I am not humming, talking to myself constantly or when others are speaking to me.
I sieve my thoughts in the “Kind Net” and only speak out good thoughts, and thoughts which are to be spoken out.

When I use the “Kind Net”, I am being Polite.
I am also paying attention to what others are saying to me.
I am caring about others feelings. My teachers, friends and family are also very happy.
Nina: True Sunshine, A “Kind Net” makes you the super shine blossom .. and people love to have you around and be your friend.
This is a social story to be used for children and children with special needs. It can be circulated Free of Cost and should NOT be used in parts or whole for any monetary gain.

Author Simmi Vasu