SuperSaturday by our CreativeSaathis

1. Artist – Prajakta Dey 12 years, Mysore

Title – Flowing water.

Description – Running water never grows stale,so you just have to keep on flowing. Nothing is softer or more flexible than water,yet nothing can resist it.The path of life is not about grasping, but allowing,like water.

Medium _ acrilyc on A4 sheet.

Prajakta (Ridhi)12+ is a child on ASD.Her vocabulary and language skills are very limited.She is need based verbal and loves to give poses in front of camera.She took part in fancy dress competition organised by cornerstone India foundation.Her academic skills are average.She loves to play with colours,so I introduced painting as a extra curricular activities to her two years back.She loves to paint diyas.She was the third position holder of Special saathi’s online art competition on children’s day in the junior category.Other than painting she loves to do embroidery work.She makes tote bags and table clothes using her embroidery work.

2. Artist- Joanne Rodrigues , 15 years Mumbai

Title- Cellular Paints

Joanne Rodrigues is aged 15years on the Autism Spectrum.

Joanne apart from being an athlete, a Chef has also ventured into expressing herself and her emotions through colours.
Fluid art is something which she enjoys and loves a lot of Vibrancy which can be seen through her paintings.

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