World’s best mother- Aditya Tiwari

Changemakersaathi story of Mr. Aditya Tiwari: The youngest single adoptive parent in India who proved he was no less than any mother.

“Only a woman could take care of a child,” he was told when he decided to adopt a child with special needs. The youngest single adoptive parent in India eventually proved he was no less than any mother. Meet Mr. Aditya tiwari – “World’s best mother” – a single parent who adopted a child with Down syndrome Avnish and battled the Indian judiciary.

Aditya Tiwari, a software engineer from Pune, who originally hailed from Indore, his journey as a single father started on 14th September 2014, when he first met his son Avnish- a little baby with Down syndrome who had been abandoned by his birth parents in an orphanage and felt an instant connection. So he decided to adopt Avnish. Aditya was overjoyed at the prospect of becoming a father and immediately began the adoption process. However, the process was not without its challenges. He faced several hurdles in his quest to adopt Avnish, especially as a single man.

Aditya Tiwari’s decision to adopt a special needs child as a single parent in India was met with resistance and discrimination from the Indian judiciary. Aditya was told that only a woman could take care of a child, but he refused to give up on his dream of becoming a parent to Avnish and to provide Avnish a loving home. When Aditya applied for adoption, he faced numerous challenges from the judicial system, which believed that only a woman could take care of a child. He was told that a single man could not adopt a child, let alone a child with special needs. But Aditya was not one to give up easily. He fought against the discrimination.

Aditya’s entire journey to adoption was far from easy. Despite meeting all the legal requirements, he faced numerous rejections in adoption procedures due to his marital status and gender. But he refused to give up. Despite facing so many challenges and obstacles, he persevered and proved himself to be no less than any mother. His inspiring story highlights the importance of breaking down gender stereotypes and advocating for equal rights for all individuals, regardless of their gender or background. Aditya fought back against the judiciary, refusing to let them deny him the opportunity to provide a loving home for his son. His resilience and determination eventually paid off, as, Aditya was determined to fulfill his dream he was granted custody of his son in 2016.

Aditya’s life was forever changed when he became a father. He devoted himself to his son, providing him with the love, care, and support that he needed to thrive. He quickly learned how to adapt to his son’s needs, mastering the art of parenting a child with special needs. Aditya’s journey as a single father was not easy. He faced criticism and judgment from people around in society. But he persevered, and his love for his son only grew stronger. He had to face many challenges in raising his child with special needs, from staying awake during the night, struggling and battling with Avinsh’s various medical conditions, huge medical expenses, to finding suitable schools for his son.

However, Aditya never lost his spirit and always remained determined to provide the best support for his son. He proved to be a hands-on parent, taking care of his son’s every need and being there for him through thick and thin. Aditya also worked hard to create awareness about adoption and the importance of breaking down gender stereotypes.

Aditya’s story of perseverance and determination inspired many others, especially single men who wanted to adopt children. He became an advocate for adoption and worked tirelessly to help other single men navigate the adoption process.

Aditya’s son is now a happy, healthy, and thriving young boy, and a super-achiever. Aditya couldn’t be more proud of the father he has become. He has proven that gender and marital status should not be a barrier to adoption, and that love, patience, and determination can overcome even the greatest obstacles.

Aditya is a part of several organizations to spread awareness about special needs children and working tirelessly for helping parents in adoption.

■Aditya is a National Advisor at Special Olympics Bharat
■He’s associated with Rotary International, Adoption research centre
■Coordinator at Ayurway
■Global shaper at World Economic Forum
■Project coordinator at Transcendent knowledge society
■Founder at Life with Avnish
■Adoption Social worker at Adoption advocate for special needs children
■Animal right activist at People for animals( PFA)
■Former project coordinator at Innerwheel club of India
■TEDx speaker

Aditya’s story is an inspiring example of how a single father can take care of his child. He proved that motherhood is not restricted to one gender only and that anyone who is willing to put in the effort can be a great parent. His story also highlights the importance of breaking down societal norms and advocating for equal rights for all individuals. SpecialSaathi is honored to feature Mr.Aditya Tiwari as a ChangemakerSaathi – माँ :World’s best mother.

Today, Aditya is a proud parent of super- achiever Avnish, who is now a happy, bright and healthy young boy. Aditya’s story has inspired many others to follow in his footsteps and break down gender stereotypes. Aditya’s determination and love for his son have shown that anything is possible if you believe in yourself and never give up on your dreams.

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Aditya! Feeling so mesmerised after reading your story… I am a mum to an adult with Autism and destiny chose me to be in this space but you became a parent of a special child by choice and that really needs guts and courage…
Often, parents of special needs children feel that we have done so much but after reading about you I am feeling myself so small.
My best wishes to you and your son… May your tribe grow abundantly…
We also have a common connect, Indore… So, would like to meet you some time…

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