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Bloggersaathi junior Stories series-9


One day a puppy named HOPE was bullied by three bad dogs. They teased him “ can’t sniff”.

The little Hope ran away sadly to his mom. He reported the bad news to his mom. His mom advised him to practice smelling. From that day, the little puppy Hope practiced smelling and learnt that his nose is not useless.

Suddenly, he saw a breaking news “The leader of the village is missing”. The villagers were searching the leader. Hope used his power of the nose to find out the leader. He was sniffing for hours in the forest. Finally, he found the leader in a cave trapped by the foxes. They were planning to eat the leader for their lunch.

Hope barked on those foxes loudly. Everyone heard Hope barking and rushed inside the cave. All the foxes were howling and ran away to escape. Now, the little Hope became super hero of the village since he saved the leader of the village.

His family got happy and his bulliers were surprised, felt ashamed and learnt a lesson.

Moral: Keep practicing; Don’t lose hope. Everything happens for a reason.

I.Dictation words:
1. Nose
2. Useless
3. sniff
4. lesson
5. leader
6. fox
7. howling
8. hero
9. happy
10. puppy
II Meanings:
1. Puppy – baby dog
2. Fox – a wild dog
3. Hero – saving and helping everyone
4. Howling – long loud sound
III Oppsites:
1. Gloomy x happy
2. Lost x found
3. Can x cannot
4. Young x old
5. Mom x dad
6. Bullier x kind

IV Plurals:
1. Dog – dogs
2. Village – villages
3. Leader – leaders
4. Fox – foxes
5. Bully – bulliers

V Past tense:
1. Save – saved
2. Smell – smelled
3. Find – found
4. Bully – bllied
5. Run – ran

VI Anser the following:
1. Who bullied the little puppy Hope?
Ans: The three dogs bullied the little puppy Hope.
2. Who helped the puppy to practise smelling?
Ans: Puppy’s mother helped him to practise smelling.
3. Who saved the leader of the village? From the foxes.
Ans: Hope saved the leader of the village from the foxes.
4. How did the puppy learned smelling?
Ans: The little puppy practised smelling.

VII Think and answer:
1. How did the little puppy Hope saved the leader of the village and what he learned?
Ans: The little puppy sniffed for hours inside the forest and got lost. At last he found a cave. He entered the cave and saw the leader who was trapped by the foxes. The little puppy barked on the foxes. The people heard the little puppy barking and they came to the cave. The foxes ran away in fear. All felt happy since the little puppy saved the leader and made him the hero of the village. Everyone learned that his nose was not useless.

Author and Creative illustrations by B Gunin Khushi

I am Gunin. Studying 3rd STD in KRM school, Chennai.
I love dinosaur, maths, direct action movie, eat pizza
I want to become an entrepreneur (innovative company creator).

Creative representation for this blog is done by our extremely talented CreativeSaathi associate Nikhil Thotam

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