MySuperSaathi Yuvi and his friends

Autism awareness comic strip 22

Designer – Yuvaan is an energetic and a happy 5+ year old child studying in grade 1.
• He loves his academics, coloring, computers, maths, reading books and writing stories.
• He loves visiting new places, and leisure activities like swimming, running and playing
• He’s amongst the top rankers in Genius Cerebrum International Olympiads of all the subjects.
• He has bagged number of awards, certificates and medals in academics, sports and co-cirruclar activities.
• He is a self learner.

Artist Ansh Batra


SuperSaturday by our CreativeSaathi associates

1. Artist Vinayak Raj

Title- Happy Earth Day

Artwork by Vinayak Raj

2. Artist – Morpheus Nag

Title- Happy Earth Day

Artwork by Morpheus Nag
Artwork by Morpheus Nag

changemakersaathi centers

Soham Learning Foundation

Changemakersaathi Special school and therapy center for special needs children in Noida, Delhi and NCR region. 

SpecialSaathi is celebrating World Autism Awareness month! This month-long event is dedicated to raising awareness about Autism spectrum disorders and educating people about the challenges faced by individuals with autism.
We are featuring the ChangemakerSaathi Special schools in Noida, which are doing exemplary work in the field of autism education. These schools have been instrumental in providing quality education and therapy services to children with autism, and have helped many families to overcome the challenges associated with this disorder.
Today, we are thrilled to feature in this category Soham Learning Foundation Noida. The school has been providing specialized education and therapy services to children with autism for over a decade, and has earned a reputation as one of the best special schools in the region.

Soham Learning Foundation
HA 50 , Sec 104 ,
Ph No: 9717095636, 9643990093, 8860048011

Our mission is to provide allround development of children with special needs ( autism, ADHD, Downs Syndrome, Learning disorders) a wholesome , loving and nurturing environment to help them develop to the best of their potential. We strongly believe that every child can learn and that each child has his own strengths and interests. We focus on a curriculum which is individualized keeping every child’s needs, strengths in mind with main focus on developing life skills. We offer students the open schooling system and pre-vocational / vocational training options. We also work with children who are in mainstream but need extra help to cater to the diverse demands of the mainstream environment.

Our key strengths:
• Low student teacher ratio of 1:3
• Parent centric policies like no charges for cancelled sessions, no advance payments, no admission fees
• Personal attention and curriculum designed for each kid
• Open Environment with parents closely involved in child’s learning
• Curriculum keeping life skills as primary goal
• More than 12 years’ experience in working with children
• Online consultation and offer teacher-parents feedback
• Special attention is given to children in the areas of physical education, drama, arts and crafts, performing arts, life skills and IT.
• Vocational program includes baking, cooking, measurement and packaging, stitching, paper bag and envelope making, data entry. The program is systematically designed and focusses on children independently performing task assigned.
• We help the children to be a part of the classroom by imparting them with necessary skills required to be ready for school. Some of these skills are Social Skills, Language and Communication skills and play skills

Source- Ms. Harshita Sinha and Soham Learning Foundation team

Creative representation for this blog is done by our extremely talented CreativeSaathi associates Morpheus Nag and Dhairya Kumar Pal