Main SpecialSaathi Awareness Mascot

Joanne Rodrigues and Brydan Rodrigues

To commemorate the “Autism awareness month”
We are thrilled to announce our next “Main SpecialSaathi Awareness Mascots”. This campaign aims to raise awareness about individuals with disabilities by featuring them as mascots on our website.

We are proud to introduce our second Awareness Mascots, siblings Joanne Rodrigues,15 years and Brydan Rodrigues,13 years. They are an inspiration to all of us at SpecialSaathi, and we are honored to have them as our next “Awareness Mascots”.

Through this program, we hope to showcase the unique talents and abilities of people with disabilities, and break down the stereotypes and stigmas that often surround them. By featuring these individuals as mascots on our website, we hope to promote a more inclusive and accepting society, where everyone is valued and respected.

We believe that Rodrigues siblings’ feature today will inspire and educate our audience. You can learn more about Joanne and Brydan below in their numerous achievements and credentials.
Despite their ongoing Challenges with Autism, they have proved that with Consistency , Perseverance and Dedication we can break barriers to be best of our abilities.

At SpecialSaathi, we are committed to creating a more inclusive world, and we believe that this initiative will help us achieve that goal. We hope that you will join us in celebrating the unique abilities and talents of all individuals, regardless of their differences. Together, we can build a better, more accepting future for all.

Joanne Rodrigues :

Brydan Rodrigues:

Story and video coverage below source by Humans of Bombay and Brut India :-

Creative representation for this story is done by our extremely talented CreativeSaathi associate Morpheus Nag

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