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Nirantar Prayas, Special school, Noida

Changemakersaathi Special school for special needs children in Noida, Delhi and NCR region.

Nirantar Prayas is the combined effort of like-minded parents to provide for a life full of dignity and respect for their children with special needs, captained by an experienced special educator and parent – Ms. Madhuchhanda Mishra.

“Not every child has an equal talent or an equal ability or equal motivation, but they should have the equal right to develop their talent and their ability and their motivation, to make something of themselves”John F. Kennedy

A Delhi-NCR based non-profit NGO run by a group of parents having children with autism and special educators. We aim to provide a life of dignity and respect for persons with intellectual  disabilities. Captained by a parent cum special educator Ms. Madhuchhanda Mishra with 15+ Years of experience. Nirantar Prayas currently operates a pre-vocational center (for students 12+ years of age) and a vocational center (for students 18+ years of age) at Noida with currently a total of 31 students.

Our Mission – A continuous effort towards empowering our children.
Our Vision – Establishing dignity and respect for the differently-abled.
Our Core Values: Social inclusion and holistic development of our children.

Our Everyday Schedule
Our  everyday routine start with prayer,followed by national anthem. After that we  do physical exercise  followed by an interactive circle  time ,after that we do lunch,which is followed by class time (where we focus on funtional academics money  concepts,time, simple reading comprehension etc.),after that we have a work time  and fun time.

Out door Activities
We  take our children to Malls,Parks, metro rides ,  movies to give them exposure  and spread  awareness  and prepare  them for social situations.

We also visit corporate houses and give exposure to our children in different situations

Pre-Vocational Skilling
Our pre-vocational program has been planned to find interest inclinations,abilities and give knowledge of functional academics,develop personal competences and prepare them for the requirements from the world of works

Our pre-vocational program has been well-planned and tested and it basically works towards improving child’s abilities in following areas:
• Communication
• ADL Independence
• Functional academics
• Computer training
• Timeliness
• Basic skills in cooking, cloth folding, office skills etc.

Vocational Training
We prepare our inmates to work in sheltered workshops  as well as in house personnels. We give computer training,working on manual machinces like paper plate making machine, sewing machine, we teach them in making newspaper bags that reduces the use of polithine bags. We teach stitching and beading activities to promote attending skills. We also teach house keeping activities live making tea coffee on a tea vending machine, brooming and moping floor, dusting ,folding cloths etc. we also have a  shoppie that teach our children money exchange and calculation and buying and selling products.

We are planning to start cooking

Sports Activities
Sports activities help in reducing stress and enhances the moods of our students and increase fitness,improve sleep cycle and help in socialisation

India is a land of festival, we use them as moment of social interaction and celebrate event the life itself.

Residential Facilities
We have Residential Facilities to make our children feel at home and to give them a healthy environment.

Our Lockdown Sessions
In this era of Pendemic We connect with our students through Zoom. we focuse on Functional academics, language ,story sessions, craft activity, computer skils and Yoga

We conduct an initial assessment to gauge child’s current functioning level in areas of cognitive, sensory, ADL (activities of daily living). This includes detailed interviews with parents/ caregiver as well as multiple sessions with the child. Based on this we chart an individualised education plan for the child setting semi-annual goals. As each child with developmental disability has different needs, this helps us provide personalized attention to major areas of disability for the child.

We are Providing an Environment for Our Students to Grow & Excel
We aim to enrich the quality of life for its students, providing them inclusive opportunities – socially, physically, emotionally and professionally, to the best of their abilities. In the longer term, we want to setup a residential facility for differently abled Individuals

Team Nirantar Prayas

Creative representation for this blog is done by our extremely talented CreativeSaathi associate Morpheus Nag and Dhairya Kumar Pal

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