Neurotypical behaviors!!

Neurotypical behaviors that a neurodivergent won’t get and its absolutely fine

Well we all as therapists , parents , teachers and other professional are working hard to teach and develop certain important social cues in our neurodivergent children . In this race we forget , we need to respect their individuality and it is fine that they don’t fit in. We on the other hand should work harder to understand our own neurodivergent children

So today I am talking about certain behaviors that we NTS do and what ND would actually feel about it
So today I am talking as a neurodivergent ND.

So, Lets begin

1.Neurotypicals go with the rule , eating different food every day
Well a ND would feel that same food for them daily can be quite reassuring and relaxing experience . This helps them to regulate sensorily as they don’t have to explore a different texture orally. Eating some thing daily makes it predictable and comfortable.So just think eating different food daily could make their life so difficult

2. NTs go with the rule sitting on the chair
Well a ND would feel more regulated and calm on floor as they have and face challenges of poor body awareness , coordination and struggle with muscle tone too. So sitting on chair would actually dysregulate them . So NDs are quite right on not appreciable of sitting on chair because of all the above challenges mentioned

3. NTs consider giving eye contact is important indicator of paying attention and showing respect to a speaker
Well NDs feels that giving eye contact is not a sign of respect but too overwhelming and not so comforting to build a connection . Sustaining an eye contact is more stressful

4. NTs always say how are you and promote this is important
Well NDs project that this kind of social expectation is not really realistic because when you ask or greet a person how are you , you are asking them how are you but in reality you really don’t care how the person is feeling on the other side
Also when NTs give replys of I am fine , thankyou . This socially appropriate answer makes a NDs confused and feel that the person might be broken inside and the answer they are giving is not answered with honesty . So remember NDs are most honest and you cant defy it

5. NTs usually have surface level interests
NDs usually oppose them because deep interest and hyper focussing gives them joy , motivation and satisfaction. They cannot do things only superficially

6. NTs usually do a lot of things in one day
NDs assert here that they have struggle with energy levels , NDs cannot socialise , meet work dead lines and many other things . They will land up with masking and then an intensive burnout . Sothey really don’t like the idea or behaviors of NTs doing lot of things in one day

Well I really don’t know how many resonate with the NDs point of view about NTs typical behaviors , but I do

And if you think , some where they are so correct , do we actually care when we socially greet anyone “ how are you ? “
Well we have to change the mindset and normalise how NDs behave and feel about many social cues and expectations
This can actually park a debate but we must value NDs voice and perspective because we NTs follow the social rule respecting and doing perspective taking

I now end this blog with a message that you can reflect on and do share your ideas , opinions and arguments if any
Read this “ there are many neurotypical forms of behaviors that are really unnecessary”

Thankyou for reading my blog
Creative Efforts and NT but neurodivergent affirming – Heena Sahi

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