Why do children with disabilities need special education?

Children with disabilities must have certain special needs depending on the degree and type of disability (blind, colored, mute, mentally retarded). We have specific material needs for daily living. Children with disabilities are still not easily accepted in our society. Does not get due importance even from own family. As a result, they lack both security and adaptation to others. But they have problems. Therefore, there is a need for special education for disabled children.

The salient reasons for this special education are-
Special education needs of children with disabilities

(1) Help to meet the overall needs of the student: Physical, mental, emotional needs of children with disabilities can be observed like abnormal children. Children with disabilities require special education to address these needs.

(2) Removal of inferiority and help in building self-confidence : Children with disabilities always suffer from inferiority because of their handicap. So they need to be made confident by proper education. So special education is needed to bring them back to the mainstream of society.

(3) Building self-confidence: Children with disabilities suffer from inferiority because they cannot do normal activities like other normal children and have to be dependent. Constricts itself. As a result, they lose the ability to do what they could do. Therefore, the purpose of their education is to increase self-confidence. Instilling the feeling of ‘she can do it’.

(4) Help in the use of special abilities: If children with disabilities are identified as having more abilities in one aspect, special education is needed for the development of that special aspect for earning a living in future life.

(5) Assistance in daily life: The special purpose of this education is to teach useful learning techniques to do the work by oneself so that one does not depend on others for the special tasks of daily life. If taught this technique from a very young age, they can become normal in daily life almost like normal people.

(6) Forming Appropriate Attitudes : A special objective of this education is to help children with disabilities develop appropriate attitudes. Creating an attitude that they are an integral part of society, they can overcome all obstacles if they try. This education will help the child to develop into a proper dignified person.

(7) Vocational Training: This education will teach the child to become financially independent. Being financially independent will make him mentally confident.

(8) Help in acquiring knowledge : This education will help the children to acquire knowledge and experience. It will develop their advanced thinking power.

(9) Development of different motor skills: The special purpose of this education is to develop different motor skills according to the type of disability of disabled students. Apart from this, appropriate measures should be taken to ensure that physical development, physical development, mental development, language development etc. take place properly. As a result he will be able to overcome his obstacles easily.

(10) Satisfaction of emotional needs: Every child has emotional needs. Disabled children are no exception. So education is necessary for healthy mental development.

(11) Projective Development : They show normal projective behavior for physical defects. Such children are very emotional. Education is necessary for the proper development of their emotions and feelings.

(12) Assistance in adaptation: Teaching such strategies so that disabled children can adapt to the environment, to adapt to everyone in the environment, is a major objective of education.

In view of the above discussion, it can be said that disabled children need special education. If they are deprived of education, the country as well as the society will lag behind. Various problems will arise. The development of the country will be disrupted. Therefore, they should be carefully made interested in education.

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