GOLDEN CHILD ! Are you the one ?

Featured artwork by Dhrov Tikoo

GOLDEN CHILD ! Are you the one ?

Well in today’s blog I will highlight about golden child and you may remember some bad or good parts of your childhood
Disclaimer: please remember , this is my personal point of view , if you have different opinion , you can respectfully disrespect my personal choice


Artwork by Heena Sahi

A golden child is the one who becomes highly self reliant
A golden child is the one who almost appears to raise themselves
A golden child is the one who is mature for their age
A golden child is the one who is suffering in silence
A golden child is the one who would suppress their own needs
A golden child is the one who will be easy in order to be loved and liked by all

So now I haven’t labelled it but parents call this child “ My golden child “ as they find this child too easy going and quite adjusting

Can you share or remember when you have felt you were the golden child

Well the golden child saga comes out of the generational trauma that a child might carry with them and would then pass onto their future generations and feels that is normal

My humble request through this blog is if you are golden child , please don’t create another one


How can you break the cycle ?

Don’t teach your child to be a people pleaser
Teach your child to respectfully disagree with other perspective
Listen to understand your child when they say they are anxious
Listen to understand and don’t turn away your child when they say “ I am depressed”
Teach your child to be problem solvers and don’t say go do it your self I am busy , ask questions , build curiosity
Don’t teach your girl child to mother their brother.
Communicate clearly with your child about your expectations and other way round
Review and rethink about your parenting styles
Reflect on your language , body language that you show your child. If you wish to give feedback , try to comment on what they did right or not so right rather than pointing on their personality “ you are lazy”

Well , gold is always thought to be something precious and valuable but it can have negative association too , just like how we founded about the golden child today

With this message I end my todays blog and I know it might have hit hard to many but my only intent is lets rethink where we are going.

Do share and spread the word .. and lets stop creating GOLDEN CHILD
Creative Effort and God’s special child – Heena Sahi

Creative representation for this blog is done by our extremely talented CreativeSaathi associate Dhrov Tikoo

Featured artwork for this blog is titled “Kintsugi” by Artist Dhrov Tikoo

Kintsugi is a pottery technique. When something breaks, like a vase, they glue it back together with melted gold. Instead of making the cracks invisible, they make them beautiful.
To celebrate the history of the object.
What it’s been through.

It is based on the belief that something broken is stronger and more beautiful because of its imperfections, the history attached to it, and its altered state.

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