How to reduce screen time

A video blog by Monika Misra on what important tips to be followed to reduce the screen time for your child.

In today’s era technology and gadgets are not bad, even they are essential and important for teaching communication.our kids belongs to 21st century, they are tech pro and digital savy learners.We can’t keep kids away from technology but balance is the only key..
Here i am giving you some key points to balance screen time, as excessive screen time leads to child’s screen dependency disorder and this may lead to insomnia, back pain, weight gain or loss, vision problems, headaches, anxiety, dishonesty, feelings of guilty, and loneliness..

Author Monika Misra

Monika Misra
Founder of Deific Skill Portal, Lucknow
Special Educator at sunrise learning, Noida.
Parent counsellor at Kant Brain Center, Lucknow.

Creative representation for this video blog is done by our supertalented CreativeSaathi associate Vinayak Raj

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