Beads in a thread- Montessori and fine motor activities

A video blog by Ramya @simpleathomeclub on a simple activity which can be done at home by your kids, putting beads in a string or a thread which is a Montessori Learning activity. Also it’s good for tactile and sensory input. It improves pincer grasp, fine motor etc

Author Ramya

I am named Ramya, would love to be called mom from my 13 year old son.  Certified in various streams and last year remedial too.

@simplyathome YouTube channel was created to have my sanity and to support other caregivers of kids in spectrum who are aware of what needs to be done, but stagnant like I have been on the “how to’s”  break down the process.

This is my small way to give back to community by sharing all that I attempt at home. Home is where values embed and home is the first school for each of us.

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