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King Lion’s Birthday party by Sadyant Satapathy and Navneet Kulkarni’s thought.

King Lion’s Birthday Party
Joint Winner of the Fifth position in SpecialSaathi
Children’s Day Online story-writing competition.
By- Sadyant Satapathy, 10 years, Puri

King’s birthday is 15th January today is 12th January do quickly. After 2 days the house was ready with decoration so the next day at 8 o’clock one will call the king to this place. The next day a rabbit had gone to call the king at 8o’clock. The rabbit said happy birthday king come I will take you to one place. King came with the rabbit.
When the king entered the house it was so
dark. When the king went to the middle of the house, Raj turned on the light. There were
many animals with a big cake. All the animals were excited. The king liked the way they did a big celebration on the king’s birthday.
The End

King Lion’s Birthday
In a Jungle there was a King Lion. One day
Donkey named Raj said to the monkey named
Raju. Raj said Oh no we forgot to decorate the
house. Raju said yes we really forgot about the king’s birthday party. Let me call the other
animals for decorating the house. Raju called all the animals for decorating. When the house was building Raj said quickly, we want to colour and decorate the house.

By Sadyant Satapathy
Std-IV A
Mother’s Public School, Puri

Navneet Kulkarni’s thoughts

Navneet Kulkarni

Artwork by Nikhil Thotam

Creative representation for this blog is done by our extremely talented CreativeSaathi associate Nikhil Thotam

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