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Bloggersaathi junior stories – part 2

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Story 1- Captain Dog and the ice cream party

Written by Arnav Karnekar winner of second position in Specialsaathi’s Children’s Day Story-writing competition

It was a hot sunny day in a jungle ,all the animals were frustrated with the heat. Bear was sweaty, snake
was felling hot and sticky ,elephants feet were scorched and lion was feeling warm and drowsy. All the
little animals were hiding in the shade. Everyone was tired and bored.
Suddenly the little chipmunk had a brightest idea. ‘’ How about an ice cream party everyone’’? the
chipmunk asked. Sure, all the animals replied. All the animals got very excited about the party , all the
animal gathered together and start preparing for party , some started to make ice creams, some started
to work on decorations and some started to do the invitations. Mr. Monkey went tree to tree to invite
all the animals but he forgot to invite Mr. Dragon who lived in a cave on top of mountain.
Soon the party started everyone was enjoying their favorite ice cream , dancing ,having a good time. Mr.
Dragon was also feeling very hot so he was taking a nap in his cave. Suddenly he heard loud music so he
woke up and came out to see what is going on . He saw all the animals were having a party without him.
He got very mad. He flew to the party angrily , ‘’You all are having party without me’’ he shouted, and he
breath out fire, all the ice cream melted. All the animals were very scared, Mr. Monkey said sorry to
dragon for not inviting him, but Mr. Dragon was so furious he locked all animals in cage. All the animals
started to cry for help.
Captain Dog was riding on the horse near by the jungle , he herd the animals cry .He came to rescue the
animals. With his sword he broke the lock and freed all the animals, then he fought with Mr. Dragon .
‘’Naughty dragon, that’s no way to behave with your friends’’, he said .Mr. Dragon apologies to his
friends. All the animals forgive him. Then they decided to make the ice cream again and have a bigger party

Author Arnav Karnekar, 9 years, Pune Maharashtra

Story 2-“My first participation in Art Exhibition by Sarvagya Lohia

Hello Friends!
My name is Sarvagya Lohia. I am 8 years old and I live in Delhi.
I love to eat maggi, mad angles chips, ice-cream, dal makhni with rice, panir tikka and potato wedges.
I like painting, drawing in MS Paint & Sketchbook software, skating and playing keyboard.
Yesterday, I went to art exhibiton with my mamma and didi. It was my first participation in art exhibition. So, I was very excited as my four paintings were displayed there. We went there by auto. Since it was very cold, mamma wrapped me tightly in shawl. But it was fun riding an auto.
The exhibition was in a very big room with lots of paintings. I was very happy to see my paintings over there.
I stood besides my paintings in different poses and mamma clicked my lots of pictures.
I also got a medal and certificate for my paintings. I was very excited to wear the medal and kept wearing it till papa came home in evening.
After coming back home, mamma celebrated by treating me with my favourite maggi and bournvita milk.
When papa came back in evening, he gave me lots of hugs & kisses. My bhaiya gifted me a new set of water colors. I was very very happy.

Thank you.

Author Sarvagya Lohia

Sarvagya Lohia is the son of bloggersaathi Shivani Lohia. He’s 8 years old and on the Autism Specturm. He loves sketching, coloring, digital drawing in MS Paint & Sketchbook Software, playing keyboard, skating & practising yoga. He is enrolled with NIOS Level A. He is debuting as a kid blogger with SpecialSaathi.

Artwork by Kabir Vernal and Nikhil Thotam

Featured artwork for this blog is done by our extremely talented CreativeSaathi associate Kabir Vernal and Nikhil Thotam

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