The Big Jhappi podcast “Keep er lit”

The big jhappi podcast “Keep er lit” is back with yet another episode from our very own effervescent Ashuti Menon.

The different journey but what the heck part 2 by Ashuti Menon. In today’s podcast Ashuti will be talking on “Stress management

Stress Management

As parents, we all understand the unique stressors and challenges that come with raising children. To better support and understand one another, Ashuti has touched on the following points in her podcast.

1. The range of emotions you go through in your daily lives as parents, a constant expectation to be strong, or are there other emotions you commonly experience.

2. The need of support and understanding from those around you, such as family members, friends, neighbors, or schools.

3. Strategies that work.

Author Ashuti Menon

Author is a mother to an 18 year old young boy who was diagnosed with Aspergers not very long ago. She is an HR professional with a flair for creative writing as well.

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