Color Recognition: Play and learn by Pinki Kumar

A video blog by Pinki Kumar on teaching color recognition to our kids.

Author Pinki Kumar

Pinki is a special educator, play therapist and a mother of a neurodivergent kid. She has a YouTube channel Play and learn to teach different methods and strategies. These videos are a great resource for the parents to help their child learn various skills.


Clothes and Fibres:Play time by Manju K Iyer

Here are some video nlogs by Manju K Iyer and her daughter Lavanya Iyer on teaching thr concepts of

1. Why do we wear clothes

2. Materials used to make clothes

3. What are fibres

4. Types of fibres- natural and artificial fibres

Author Manju K Iyer

Manju K Iyer is a Psychologist, Counselor,  Parent coach, Play Therapist, Homeschooler and Founder of PlayTime ( A coaching program for parents of children with special needs).


Teaching about Animals

A movement activity for parents and children

I have been reminiscing and enjoying Raffi songs with my nephew, Ishaan in London. I vividly recall my cousin learning those songs when he was young.

So when my teacher, Sri Ujwal Jagadeesh suggested taping some Ramana rhymes for parents to do with children, I was interested because I could do it with my nephew. Since my nephew will visit us soon, I was motivated to learn this song now. Even when my nephew was only a few months old, he would sit on my mother’s lap and watch my dance class for more than an hour. He enjoys gestures with songs. Hopefully, he will enjoy these new songs.

Thanks to my CreativeSaathi friends for the creative representation for this story. Thanks to Morpheus Nag for the picture of the ashram. Thanks Dhrov Tikoo for the colorful squirrel and bird. Thanks Nikkil Thotham for the pictures of the monkey, dog, and cow. This is my second post where I have combined artwork from multiple CreativeSaathis!

Last week, I taped the animal song with , my teacher, at the Ramana Maharshi Center for Learning
Ten Ideas for Using the Animal Song.

  1. I will sing “In Ramana Thatha’s ashram” to Ishaan.
  2. I will show the gestures for each animal.
  3. I will show how we can enter the ashram and look around with great interest.
  4. I will sing hap, hap, happily and jump around.
  5. I will play the music and do the movements and gestures
  6. I will read him the animal book.
  7. I will take him around the neighborhood and show him some animals(dogs, cow, crows, cats).
  8. I took a picture of monkeys in Madurai. I will show him that picture and others.
  9. I will do other songs such as “the ants go marching” and use gestures and movements from Ramana Thatha ashram song.
  10. Ishaan has a toy in London that plays the old McDonald tune. I will sing “In Ramana Thata’s ashram” to that tune.

I will share how it worked in a later post!

Getting Ready

We have taped the song

We bought some books to read with Ishaan.

Parents: How do you teach about animals to your child?

Children: Are you interested in learning about animals? How do you learn about animals?

Share your ideas with us in our group here.