DIY laminate @home without lamination machine- How to make PECS , stickers, labels at home.

Which is better?
Lamination at home or getting it done professionally?

Which would be more valuable for me?

Value means time and money rather than only money.

Watch to see how I am laminating at home without any lamination machine and the value of time and money details shared along.

A video tutorial by Ramya @simpleathomeclub on DIY techniques to do lamination at your home without lamination machine. It’s a simple way to make PECS , stickers, labels at home.

Author Ramya

I am named Ramya, would love to be called mom from my 13 year old son. Certified in various streams and last year remedial too.

@simplyathome YouTube channel was created to have my sanity and to support other caregivers of kids in spectrum who are aware of what needs to be done, but stagnant like I have been on the “how to’s” break down the process.

This is my small way to give back to community by sharing all that I attempt at home. Home is where values embed and home is the first school for each of us.

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