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Bloggersaathi Junior Stories-part 1

Baby dinosaur story and a Dino Poem:

Titipo’s Picnic- The Baby dinosaur is bored

Written and illustrated by Yuvaan Awasthi (winner of first position in Specialsaathi Children’s Day Story-writing competition’22)

Artwork by Yuvaan

Once upon a time, there was a baby dinosaur. His name was Titipo.
Titipo lived in a jungle with his Mommy dinosaur and Daddy dinosaur.
One day Titipo was very bored. His Mommy and daddy were not playing with him.
So, he got an Idea. He plans a picnic. Titipo packs his picnic bag. He puts some chips, sandwiches, chocolate and juice. He put his alphabet and numbers mat in the bag.

Titipo goes to a picnic spot near his house. He takes out the alphabet and numbers mat and sits on it.

A bird Manie comes and say Hello to Titipo.
Titipo gives her chips.
Then, Frieda the frog comes and Titipo gives him juice.
More animals come to Titipo’s picnic and becomes Titipo’s friends.
They eat and finish their food.
They play alphabet and numbers game.
They do Yoga on the mat.
They have fun.
Titipo enjoys the picnic a lot.
Now it’s bye bye time for Titipo.
Titipo go back home happily and he is not bored anymore.

The end

Author Yuvaan Awasthi, 5 years, UKG

Yuvaan is an energetic and a happy child.
• He loves his academics Maths, English, Science specifically space and solar system, computers, Hindi, coloring, reading books and writing stories.
• He loves visiting new places, malls, markets, swimming, running and playing with his friends.

• He’s amongst the top rankers in Genius Cerebrum International Olympiads of Maths, Science, SpellBee, English and INTERNATIONAL TALENT SEARCH EXAM.
• He has bagged number of awards, certificates and medals in academics, sports and co-cirruclar activities.
• He is a self learner, learns by exploring and experimenting methodology.

Hello Little Dino

A poem by B.Gunin Khushi

Poem by B.Gunin Khushi

Author B.Gunin Khushi, 8 years, 3 STD

I am Gunin. Studying 3rd STD in KRM school, Chennai.
I love dinosaur, maths, direct action movie, eat pizza😅
I want to become an entrepreneur (innovative company creator).

bloggersaathi Junior

Inspiring quotes by Navneet Kulkarni

Author Navneet Kulkarni

Navneet Kulkarni is a 17yrs old ,Autistic Nonspeaking boy
On Autism Spectrum,uses AAC for communication
Author/poet/Autism Advocate/blogger.


Narrating Stories with Hand Gestures

This blog post describes Ananth’s storytelling with hand gestures project under the guidance of Sri Ujwal Jagadeesh, senior faculty and artist of the Ramana Maharshi Center for Learning, Bengaluru.  More posts will be added in the future.  Parents and teachers can use these short segments to create lessons for children and teens.  Blog posts will provide lesson ideas for each story.

On December 2, 2022, Ananth shared his first story using hand gestures. This story included one hasta (hand gesture) from Bharatanatyam (mayura hasta) and other gestures. A short snippet of music to demonstrate the gesture was used as a prelude to the story.

In January, Ananth shared another story that used hand gestures. This story included another hasta (hand gesture) from Bharatanatyam (kartari mukha hasta) and other gestures. Again, short snippet of music to demonstrate the gesture was used as a prelude to the story.

Watch the video below for an explanation of how these stories and music pieces were created under the guidance of Dr. Sarada Natarajan, President of the Ramana Maharshi Center for Learning, Bengaluru to teach students about the hand gestures as well as their usage. The video also explains RMCL’s perspective on Bharatanatyam.

The library of music and stories has been a tremendous resource for Ananth’s learning. It is easy for his teacher to provide snippets of stories to practice. These small segments integrate important Bharatanatyam skills while integrating other tools of theater such as storytelling. It is also motivating for Ananth to practice the hand gestures and stories to create videos for the community. These projects enable focused practice and have meaningful outputs. See the storytelling playlist here.

Dear parents and educators, Watch the videos and develop lesson plans for your students. Share your experiences in SpecialSaathi group or in the LIFESMART Parenting group on Facebook!

Author Dr.Dasaratha Rama

Creative representation of this blog is done by supertalented CreativeSaathi associate Dhairya Kumar Pal.