What a home based behavior plan should include ?

Yes you read it write , there is a significance to have a behavior plan at home

This will help the parent as well as the child to understand certain situation at home and apply correct and appropriate social cues

The behavior plan gives the best benefit of organisation and negotiation skills

Now lets hop onto the question – What a home based behavior plan should include

“The behavior plan should be a chart that you prepare for your self to be aware about a lot of things about your child , yourself and situations

The plan should include column and row based table . The first thing is trigger / antecedent . This is what caused a behavior to take place

The second thing is the behavior that happened . The third column will note the function for tis behavior . This indicates what benefit the child gets from showing this behavior . Next column is consequence which takes note of how you interacted or reacted with the child for displaying a behavior . This consequence would be negative consequence mostly because we usually get into a power struggle with the child . This escalates the situation. You can add an optional column “ frequency of behavior “ to see if behavior is getting worse or better

The final column is strategies devised . This column will focus on strategy that you are applying to modify or redirecting the challenging behavior at home . This is usually called positive consequence.”

So keeping this in mind I ll show you the tabular behavior plan:

It is important to review the strategies every week and not feel discouraged if they fail , reflect on what can go bad and redesign and alter the strategy

Next is creating a reward charts

This is for the child to see and be motivated to show socially appropriate behavior and conduct

A reward chart shall look like :

For e.g

“Reward chart working on behavior of not shouting when a need is not met”

Instructions for child :

  1. You only get stickers if you show cool behavior.
  2. If you get 6 out of 7 stickers mumma gives you big reward at the end of week

3.Cool behavior is avoid shouting , instead communicate clearly

Parent can decide on something to give as big reward to
child e.g a movie night , a pizza party , family time etc

Lastly lets shed light on behavior that are happening at home that can be regulated.

These behaviors are:

1.Too much screen time

2.Screaming for making request, demands ,
instructing others

3.Not showing active listening

4.Not taking care of own things

5.Crying instead of communicating

6.Not resolving a conflict

7.Not waiting for turn

8.Hitting the sibling

9.Not following social cue of privacy of self and

    10.Not sleeping on time

Creative Efforts and Behavior Facilitator – Heena Sahi

Creative representation for my blog depicting what a good and a bad behaviour looks like, is done beautifully by equally talented CreativeSaathi associates Nikhil Thotam and Morpheus Nag


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