Different or Similar??…A Perception

It’s so common place to discriminate based on colour,height,gender, location. status and last but not the least capabilities…
Its basic human nature to see the black spot on a white sheet…
To project self as better,more important and abler than another being easier through belittling another than proving own worth that stands out in daily actions and deeds that make a glaring difference impactful.
This is a subtle social covert behavior that becomes most pronounced,open and overt in neuro diverse and neuro typical interactions
Is there another way to view everyone who’s DIFFERENT but in negation?!!
Definitely a YES!!
And reap rich dividends of all round wellbeing thereby!!!
Listing a few common grounds to prove the SIMILARITIES that get overshadowed by the celebrated DIFFERENCES AND
Its not unusual to see ALL LIVING BEINGS showing preferences towards convenience /routine/patterns/likes/ dislikes/abilities/leanings/weaknesses/ strengths/moods/choice making/ interests/initiatives and much more…
While some of us are able to show balances in all traits to moderation and enrich the more acceptable ones through CONSTANT learning,processing, filtering, connecting the dots, engaging- within and without -that build on these traits..
Others,not that much in any front..
Yet some others- disproportionately so
-from within and without- NEEDING A LITTLE SUPPORT in degrees
This may be termed as processing self regulation/introvert /underconfident/shy/ followers vs
Processing coregulation/extrovert/ overconfident/achiever /leader etc
While one BALANCES the other..they are an INTEGRAL PART of a WHOLE..a team…a buddy system without which there wld be
chaos…ego clashes with no listeners and/ or life coming to a stand still with no one taking effort/initiative or interest in the environment around themselves.

Mother Nature is a great and natural leveler..intervening..aiding..abetting..encour aging….reprimanded.. slowing down..mediating…contrasting where she sees the scales tipping either way,in her stride!!
She ensures her creations achieve patience…perseverance..
creativity..innovation…empathy..enlightenm ent..learning..growth…purpose..cohabitatio
n…contentment…values.. experience… excitement and much more for quality of existence in each living being through practical lessons in life.


Different or Similar??!!!…A Perception A page from the musings of life
January 2023

Artwork by Dhrov Tikoo

Creative representation for this blog is done by CreativeSaathi associate Dhrov Tikoo

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