Happy Year; Happier Times; Happiest Saathis!!!

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Dear Shilpi ma’am,

Greetings of the day, wishing you all a happy new year and a cold morning!😀.

Being the #Happiestsaathis, I would like to share our happy moments with you all what we experienced this time at the New Year’s Eve. We were at my husband’s resort at Taj, Damdama Resort, Gurgaon.

Muskaan feels at home at all hotels as she feels my dad is the one in command, so the sense of comfort is always there, but she likes to still interact with new people, goes herself to help desk to ask for paper or diary pr notepad. The best excitement part is to call room service and ask for things whatever she wants or order food to her liking.
Walk up to the chef or live counter and order her preferred dish. Be it Indian cuisine or Chinese.

And this time muskaan was more independent her anxiety levels were very less. She was accompanied with her favourite maasi Ankita who is here from Australia for a short visit. Though she missed her brother but she enjoyed the lunch, and stay and party time.
She went around to choose which snack to eat etc and was conversing freely with staff & chef. 😀And giving her expert comments as to what taste’s the best. Her favourite jalebi, and chicken tikka etc.

Also she did a very smart move which I was quite surprised as at the breakfast time she ordered her parantha put aloo tikki & nuts and raisins plus apple in her plate. And told my sister that one should eat healthy stuff also 😀😀.
Also at the evening party time she sent her list of favourite two songs to be played by DJ..though she was shy to dance. But was sitting and enjoying the music. It was bit loud but she managed sitting around amongst the crowd.

Funniest part since it was a resort so the walk from restaurant to room or otherwise to the adventure zone was a good walk, and muskaan being lazy would look out for the cart ride. Which me & my sister refused. So poor she, had to walk with us.
But it was fun observing the greenery and clean nature around.

Sharing few pics of our celebration and happy time.

So friends when we let our kids free, we can observe lots of new changes in them, whether it’s behaviour or grooming or conversation they do surprise us with their moves…

Cheers to the new beginning with lots of new learning and surprises this year hopefully.

All the best! Love to all.

Divya Surie m/o Muskaan Surie.

Author Divya Surie

I am a house wife and I run my own garments work from home. I love drawing and painting as it’s is my passion. I learned various forms of painting glass, canvas, water and oil colour etc…at the age of 40yrs. And few of my beautiful creations are now my house decoratives.😀So age is just a number.
I also help my daughter in designing of tote bags, wedding envelopes, pouches and gift tags. Basically she is now a part of “Sitaara Crafts” a platform where all kids with special needs can showcase and sell their talent. With making of beautiful and amazing products from best out of waste. We sell through Instagram too 😀.

Artwork by Nikhil Thotam

Creative representation for this blog Happy year; Happier Times; Happiest Saathis is done by our extremely talented CreativeSaathi associate Nikhil Thotam


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