Basic tips to work with a special need child

A video tutorial on how to understand our children and how to enhance their learning process by Monika Misra.

Way to understand what they cant say….

Each and every child is diffrent and so their learning styles, their minds are fragile and your behaviors shape their future.

Special need children need little extra love, support, encouragement and postive reinforcement.if you will provide every kind of support whatever they need, they will definetly achieve their full potential. They have their own treasure of qualities that should be emraced. As a parent dont try to fix the disability, you just need to help them to beat their dificulties.

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Monika Misra
Founder of Deific Skill Portal, Lucknow
Special Educator at Sunrise learning, Noida.
Parent counsellor at Kant Brain Center, Lucknow.

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Know the Autism Personality vs Adhd Personality

Know the Autism Personality vs Adhd Personality

My Autistic child has the most affectionate and a rainbow 🌈 personality

Artwork by Kabir Vernal

Autism is currently diagnosed according to behaviours which fit into three broad areas: social difficulties, communication impairments, and patterns of restrictive, repetitive behaviours and interests.
“Children with autism are not affectionate”
Well this is not absolutely true

A child with autism can and do show affection. But this expression may differ from other children because of unusual responses to sensory stimuli.

So my affectionate autistic child will show and ask for affection in the most uncommon ways

Child with autism may be oversensitive to touch or hugs but they do ask for light hugs

Child with autism can appear to be detached but they love when you show interests in the pursuits they are most interested in

Child with autism will find difficult to make and build friendships but a child on autism will be most keen on having friends and interact socially

Child with autism might not intuitively look into your eyes but will focus, instead, on other parts of the face or body to try to gain meaning.

Thus , don’t underestimate your affectionate your autistic child , It is their underlying brain circuitry that lets them to follow the social rules little differently from us


Artwork by Heena Sahi

Do read what is an indigo personality and then you would realize you might be sitting next to an indigo child
1.They are born knowing they are unique and deserve to be valued.
2.They understand that they are here for a reason and expect you to understand that too.
3.They are aware of their worth 
4.They don’t settle for absolute authority or having no choices. The educational or hierarchical systems are good examples of that.
5.Indigo children can’t follow the same rules we did as children. They are rebellious.
6.They believe that everything should be given creative thought and don’t fit into strict systems.
7.Usually are quiet because they feel misunderstood and lost unless they are with other indigos.
8.Trying to scare these children with old control methods like – “Wait till your father gets home” has no effect on them.
9.It’s important their personal needs be fulfilled.
10.Have a creative touch for music, poetry, art, jewelry making, etc.
11.Have interesting hobbies.
12.An old soul, as if they are 13 going on 30.
13. Easily bond with plants or animals.
14. Willing to help the world
15. An isolationist, either through aggressive acting – out through fragile introversion.

#psychology of an adhd mind

So, here lies the difference…..

Artwork by Heena Sahi
Artwork by Heena Sahi

Autism – I love learning a lot about the few things I am interested in

Adhd- I love to learning a little about a lot of things I am interested in

Autism –  I become dys-regulated when people are late or change plans suddenly

Adhd-  I struggle to be on time and often need to change plans last minute

Autism- I need predictability and consistent routine

Adhd- – I need excitement and novelity  sticking to routines can feel stifling

Autism- people thinking you are rude because you communicate literally directly and with flat effect

Adhd- people thinking you are rude because you impulsively interrupt and blurt things out

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Creative Efforts; Autism and Adhd Coach- Heena Sahi

A rainbow abstract Artwork by Dhairya Pal

Besides using my own creativework, I have used the artworks of superbly talented little wonders Dhairya pal and Kabir Vernal for the creative representation for my blog. A BIG THANK YOU😊 !!