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My Mumbai Travel Blog (part 3) by Lavanya Iyer Bloggersaathi junior

“A fun-filled Marriage trip”

Part 3: Welcome to my travel blog of Mumbai. My fun-filled short distance travels continued for the 3rd week in Mumbai.

Day 1 : Chitti’s house to Manju Aunty’s house : “Lot of delicious food”

One day we went to Manju Aunty’s house. There I ate a lot of delicious food. I did some interesting drawings for Manju Aunty. She praised me and said it’s beautiful. I also played with Manju aunty’s daughters childhood toys. I love to play with toys. We took an auto and came to the station and returned our home.

Day 2 : Chitti’s house to the biggest Trampoline park : “We jumped a lot”

Next day we went to a big Trampoline park. There were a lot of homeschoolers. It was a little hot inside but we had a lot of fun. We jumped and jumped and jumped a lot.

Day 3 : Chitti’s house to Paati’s old house : “New family in Paati’s house”

One day we went to Paati’s house with my cousin- Ansh. There we climbed the stairs. There was a new family living there. Ansh and I played with the new family’s daughter. We also visited the neighbours. We had a lot of fun playing games together.

Day 4 : Chitti’s house to Brahma Kumari centre : “I got some balloons”

One day we went to Brahmakumari’s centre but it was the house of a Brahmakumari teacher. He had lots of balloons. I played with the balloons. I love balloons. I got 3 red balloons from there. We had a lot of fun.

Day 5 : Chitti’s house to Saibaba temple : “Darshan of Sai Baba”

One day we went to Saibaba temple. There was a bell. It was fun trying to ring the bell and we did darshan of Sai baba and came back home.

Day 6 : Chitti’s house to Lonavala marriage and Khandala trip : “Yummy yummy sweets and a beautiful pond”

One day we went to Anu akka’s marriage. There were yummy sweets. We had so much fun at the resort. Before going back home we went to Khandala. There was a Wagh devi temple. We did Darshan there. We also went to a park and saw a beautiful pond.

This was my travel blog for week 3. Hope you liked it.

Thank you.

Author Lavanya Iyer

Lavanya Iyer is 9 years old Neurodivergent. She loves to read, draw, paint, and do traditional dance. She is a newly incorporated CreativeSaathi junior and a bloggersaathi junior with our team now.

Artwork by Dhrov Tikoo

Creative representation of this travel blog is done by our talented CreativeSaathi associate Dhrov Tikoo.

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Author Manju K Iyer

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