Let’s Colour within the boundaries

A video tutorial by Monika Misra on how to teach our children the techniques to coloring within the boundaries and have a sense of space.

Coloring is theraputic and stress buster activity for everone. A child can express his feelings and its his first step in exploring and analyzing the word.

There are numerous benifits of coloring, it helps in:
1.Developing fine motor grip
2. Strengthen eye hand coordination
3. Improve focus, attention span and concentration
4. Instills patience and language development.

Concept of boundaries is an impotant part of child development. It helps a child to respect the rules and it will also help him in longer runs or in learning social rules.

Boundaries gives them a sense of structure, lines, pattern, forms, shapes and perspectives..

Once your child starts scribbling your next step should be to provide structured coloring sheets with hard boundaries.

Author Monika Misra

Monika Misra
Founder of Deific Skill Portal, Lucknow
Special Educator at Sunrise learning, Noida.
Parent counsellor at Kant Brain Center, Lucknow.

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