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My Mumbai Travel Blog (part 1) by Lavanya Iyer Bloggersaathi junior

I visited my Chitthi (aunt) in Mumbai recently. These are some of my experiences there. By Lavanya Iyer

Our home Gurgaon to Vasai Station (Mumbai) – “The boy on the train”

We came to the railway station and sat in the train which travelled across many stations. In the train there was a family with a small child. We played with him. We also gave him one of our toys. He took the toy.

Day 1: Chitthi’s House to Seashore-“My friend Ansh”

Finally we reached Vasai. I played with my cousin Ansh. The next day, we went to the beach. There I played in the water and ran with Ansh. We had fun in the water and on the beach.

Day 2 : Chitthi’s House to Church – “Curious me!”

We decided to go to the church. We saw many shops on the way. At last we arrived. We also saw a graveyard in the Church. I was very curious. It was fun in the church.

Day 3 : Chitthi’s House to Post office to collect TAHD book – “the budgie, the fish, the tortoise”

Next day we went to the post office and collected a book. On the way we saw a budgie shop. We also went to a temple. It had a pond with fish and tortoise. We had a lot of fun.

Day 4 : Chitthi’s House to a pond and temple : “my aquatic playmates”

Next day we went to a Talav (pond) and a temple. There was a Lord Hanuman statue there and the pond had fishes. It was fun to play with the fishes.

Day 5 : Chitthi’s House to Dattani Mall : “Malls are fun”

Next day we went to Dattani Mall. There were games and a children’s play area. We played games and that was fun.

Author- Lavanya Iyer

Lavanya Iyer is 9 years old and on Autism spectrum. She loves to read, draw, paint, and do traditional dance. She is a newly incorporated CreativeSaathi junior and a bloggersaathi junior with our team now.

Artwork by Kabir Vernal

The artwork/painting of a sea is done by our extremely talented CreativeSaathi associate Kabir Vernal 11 years

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