Functional Mathematics Adapted Calendar activities

By Pinki Kumar

Easy and fun way to teach special needs children about calendar and associated activities with calendar. It also helps in language building, cognitive development and memory recall.

In this video, try to teach child the calendar and associated activities with calendar. It’s helpful in language building plus memory recall.

Author Pinki Kumar

Pinki is a special educator, play therapist and a mother of a neurodivergent kid. She has a YouTube channel Play and learn to teach different methods and strategies. These videos are a great resource for the parents to help their child learn various skills.

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I am what I am

Expressing what my son Dhrov feels from within by Kalpana Tikoo

मन – day की बात SpecialSaathi के साथ

I always wondered what my son feels inside as he has limited verbal and written communication. thus expecting him to express what he feels was almost impossible and might be the case with many other kids too. While observing his facial expressions and how others react to him I have tried to pen down what he would be feeling. So here it goes…..

I am what I am

I am autistic but I am not sick
I am different but I am not less
I don’t have well developed language but I have feelings

I need empathy not sympathy
I need your understanding not your glares
I take time to understand things but I do understand them I need your patience

Your scolding and raised voices don’t help me to learn fast they only confuse me further

I can excel in studies, art, music, dance, sports if only you support

I am differently wired but not retarded
Give me love support patience and watch me soar.

A lily’s rounded leaves and starry flowers floating placidly,

Enhances the quiet and serene beauty of water instantly.

Just like a little rain fills the lily’s cup which moistens the field hardly.

A little love and appreciation can help me blossom like a Water Lilly.

Love Dhrov

Artwork – ‘Water lily’ by Dhrov Tikoo

Dhrov Tikoo is a newly associated CreativeSaathi. The creative representation for “I am what I am” is done by Dhrov depicting a lone water lily flower which is blooming beautifully in a pond. Our kids if provided adequate support and love can bloom like a flower.

Water lilies mean different things in different parts of the world, but they have an important religious significance, the water lily symbolizes resurrection, because these flowers close up at night and reopen in the morning, similar to a spiritual rebirth. Water lily also represents enlightenment because a beautiful bloom emerges from the dark mud.

Author Kalpana Tikoo

I am Kalpana, I am an IT consultant by profession and a proud mother of an autistic teen Dhrov who is a an excellent painter and more importantly a beautiful human being.

Please help create Awareness about autism to help create an inclusive world where we all get equal opportunities and our kids can also excel and parents don’t loose their mind thinking about what will happen to me after them.