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Welcome December 🙏
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Understanding my friend with Autism

Understanding my friend with Autism

Hi , welcome to today’s blog

Today is going to be very interesting and useful writeup

This can be beneficial for both the NT and ND world

We always struggle with accepting the hard fact that children with ASD don’t know the skill to build friendships

While I also believe the other side or the neuro-majority don’t even know how to be friends with the autistic population but nobody really wants to talk about this. We always try to fit in the autistic person into our world but why can’t we work harder and be kinder to fit into their beautiful world

I ll throw some light on how to be friends with an autistic person

So , lets begin the action

It is important to understand your friend , then only you can cultivate a life long and meaningful friendship. This goes true in terms of a neuro divergent person . As a friend you must be aware about your neurodivergent friend’s personality . Well this is the very first and most important strategy. This is the foundation of tips that I am going to talk ahead.

Number 1 strategy

When you befriend them be aware that they love routines and order in their life just like you love certain things

This means understand and empathize when they request to keep things at a certain plan and in a particular order

Number 2 strategy

Sometimes the pictures make them understand , what they are going to do next. They like to know the plan before . They don’t like sudden change of plans or a sudden plan.

Number 3 strategy

They like to line up things at times and this is pretty normal for them. Don’t bother them or oppose them . This can make them sad or mad

Number 4 strategy

They like the things to happen the same way every time. So it is quite normal for them to wear the same night suit daily . Or they might like just chocolate cakes in a party. When you acknowledge this , they feel you understand them better and they can trust you.

Number 5 strategy

They might get confused with words you use. So you should say exactly what you mean. They don’t get it when you say “ it is raining cats and dog today”. Or when you say riding a bicycle is just “like a piece of cake”. They don’t talk in metaphors and similes

Number 6 strategy

They might not always get the feelings you show on face. So don’t take it personally , when you show them that you are disappointed by your facial gestures.So please tell them verbally that you are mad or disappointed

Also sometimes they might talk too much or too little . You should keep this in mind as well.

Number 7 strategy

They like to be organised and they can be forgetful . So we should be prepared for both scenarios

Number 8 strategy

They won’t always look at you when you talk to them. They might be feeling overwhelmed. But remember they are listening to you and paying you attention

Number 9 strategy

They sometimes don’t like to be touched. So don’t feel bad if they don’t give you or reject your warm hugs

Number 10 strategy

They can be sometimes hyperfocussed about a thing , task or situation.So they might ignore you . It is good idea to give them personal space so that you can ask them later to play with you or join you in a fun activity

So I feel , these will surely help any child belonging to neuro- majority to make an autistic child their best buddy.

Parents,Teachers and rehab professionals can always talk about these with a child to make them understand on approaching a child with autism and mind you this is not difficult at all

It our responsibility to create a better a friendly environment for every child in this world despite their neuro-developmental profile

So buckle up  … we can do it


Creative efforts and Autism Activist – Heena Sahi

Artwork by Vinayak Raj

A beautiful creative representation of my write up “Understanding my friend with Autism” is done by my young friend with Autism, 12 year old Vinayak Raj.