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Enjoying Imitation

In my previous article. I discussed imitation, repetition, and memorization.

  • Imitation is important for learning purposeful movement and other skills. Imitation is the first step to learning. Read the article by Simmi Vasu here.
  • Repetition is another important step in learning. While we don’t pay much attention to the role of repetition, Ananth’s Bharatanatyam experience made me tune into the importance of repetition as an important tool for learning.
  • Memorization is yet another tool for learning that does not receive enough attention in these days. The focus is on innovation and creativity. However, we cannot be very creative if have not mastered the basics! Fluency is needed for creativity.

Imitate, Repeat, Memorize!

Sounds boring?

Thanks to the Theater Arts for Holistic Development (TAHD) approach developed by Dr. Ambika Kameshwar, imitation, repetition, and memorization can be fun!

  1. Check out this video by Lavanya Iyer. Thank you, Manju Iyer for encouraging Lavanya to do this project.

Does she seemed bored? Does imitation, repetition, and memorization have to be boring?

Here is the video by Ujwal Jagadeesh, a TAHD (Theater Arts for Holistic Development) practitioner and Bharatanatyam teacher. How well is Lavanya imitating the teacher? What do you think she is learning?

2. How about Ananth? Does he seem engaged in learning by imitation?

Ananth has practiced imitation, repetition, and memorization through Bharatanatyam for more than 10 years. Now, he is ready for applying this approach to storytelling, drama, and other endeavors!

Creative representation by Morpheus Nag

Thank you Morpheus Nag for this beautiful picture. It looks like it was created just for this blog post!

To learn more about TAHD, view Margadarshi – The Story of Ambika Kameshwar to understand the story of Theater Arts for Holistic Development (TAHD).

Author – Dasaratha Rama