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International Day of Persons with Disabilities (IDPD) 2022

World Disability Day

The theme for this year International Day of Persons with Disabilities is “Transformative solutions for inclusive development: the role of innovation in fuelling an accessible and equitable world“.

Source- United Nations

The aim is to promote an understanding of disability issues and mobilize support for the dignity, rights and well-being of persons with disabilities. Also the theme is to promote innovation and transformative solutions for inclusive development.

To celebrate this day specialsaathi will be conducting 3 back to back ParentSaathi sessions with the experts of this community and an Online Art exhibition on 3rd December’22.

ParentSaathi talk with 2 Speakers- Dr.Dasaratha Rama a ParentSaathi and a bloggersaathi and her son Ananth Raghunandan on 2nd December’22 (Ananth’s birthday).

ParentSaathi talk 1.3 with Dr Dasaratha Rama and Ananth Raghunandan 2nd December’22

ParentSaathi talk with Speaker- Nilanjana Rambothu (a ParentSaathi and a Schoolsaathi member) on 3rd December’22.

ParentSaathi talk 3 with Nilanjana Rambothu on 3rd December’22

ParentSaathi talk on Multiple disabilities with 3 Speakers- Mr.Deepak Krishna Sharma Senior spl.educator (multiple disabilities)worked in NAB, SENSE International, RCI, Human Rights Law Network and currently working with different projects of Perkins India alongwith Ms.Poonam Pandey special educator and training coordinator NAB New Delhi abd Ms.Vijaya Singh Orientation and mobility expert NAB New Delhi on 4th December’22.

ParentSaathi talk 4 with Mr.Deepak Krishna Sharma, Ms.Poonam Pandey and Ms. Vijaya Singh

Online Art exhibition update –>

Artwork by Kabir Vernal

Artwork by Vinayak Raj

Artwork by Morpheus Nag

Artwork by Ansh Batra

So don’t miss this wonderful opportunity to be a part of CreativeSaathi team. CreativeSaathi lead Ms.Heena Sahi will be taking a final call on selecting the CreativeSaathi associates on the basis of their talent, creativity, potential, commitment and passion towards Arts.

So, all the best, more power to one and all.

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What is NeuroDivergent Sibling ?

Having a child with special concerns, has transformative affect on entire family. The first intent on receiving a diagnosis is finding right and correct treatment approach.

And unknowingly, the neuron-typical sibling is overlooked.

This blog focuses on teaching parents how to interact with neuron-typical sibling and also teach the NT sibling to interact with an autistic sibling.

I believe all siblings go through ups and downs in their relationships. If you remember you must have all fought for the TV remote with your brother or sister. Isn’t it?

Also you would definitely agree that our siblings are the first friends in our life.

And I also feel that the relationship with our sibling is most long lasting and natural n

These traits are also common and very true when two siblings have different neurological profile i.e. NT and ND.

As we respect different bodies, it is must that we respect different kind of brain

So when you have a sibling who is autistic, we add additional complexes to that bond instead of thinking of building it into a healthy sibling tuning

As a parent you would worry if your neuron-typical child would get along well with your autistic child? This is natural and you can’t avoid it


You can adapt certain strategy to nurture a beautiful relationship between your children of different profile neurologically

Let’s begin

1. Avoid intentional attention time

It would be evident and very spontaneous that as a parent out of concern you would pay lot of attention to the autistic sibling and in this the NT sibling would surely be missed and feel neglected.

This step can create jealousy and child hood trauma towards the neurotypical sibling

A neurotypical sibling can be presented with social story where they understand what exactly is parent’s love , and what is to be with a sibling who is little different . If this is started early , it can do magic . So keep this in mind . it is also a good idea to set aside time for both siblings where they spend time with the parent separately as well as together. Thus the sibling would learn to share the parent and their efforts and time too.

2. Be a good listener mamma and papa

Listen to your NT child and validate the feeling of jealousy and resentment

Don’t just pour your advices and suggestions directly

Keep an open ear

Remember as an adult we all find it difficult to connect with someone who thinks and act differently with us , then how would you expect a child connect so fast and easily

Keep patience, things take time

Also listen to your ND child, they would communicate very differently when they feel jealous, try to decipher the cues they give you

Be a problem solver and act wisely to what you listen from both NT and ND child

3. Share positive experiences

Share with both of your children about when they played together and had so much fun. Talk about how ND child try helping the NT child

Talk about to the NT child how when you all spend time together is so comforting and should be done more

Talk about when your ND child liked an idea your ND child shared and vice versa

4. Deescalate the conflicts

Conflicts will definitely occur despite sharing a different mind. Conflicts are common because they are siblings.

Try building problem solving skills in both of your children

It is not just the responsibility of NT child be pro active in it, the ND child should share the load

Try figuring out ideas that help both of your kids to enjoy their personal space and quite time

Let both the children practice expressing themselves and calming themselves

5. Last but the best one is – Seek the similarities

There would surely be traits and interests where both kids are similar

This could be related to their daily routines like watching TV , eating sweets , hugging mamma , playing logos etc
Mentioning the commonalities in your children can help them to like , respect and be fond of each other

Well this is very similar to the fact of how you like someone when they share the same thought process as you. You definitely let this person come into your life with no hesitation

Use this also during a tense moment. I assure you, this will be a positive strategy

Dear parents please remember parenting any child is a stressful endeavour. Accept the fact

Also accept that your two children are different, let them do their thinks separately and respect the personal choice. Both of your kids are individual first then your child

Hence invest wisely to making your children have the most real connecting as sibling

All the best

Creative efforts above and Pet Sibling – Heena Sahi

Creative representation by Vinayak Raj

Creative representation of a neurodivergent siblings is done by a talented 12 year old CreativeSaathi associate from Greater Noida Vinayak Raj.