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What will Rajesh Vaidya Mama Say?

Life is Theater, Theater is Life

I love watching shows. I attend music concerts and dance performances. After performing in RASA Day 2022, I have also developed an interest in watching plays.

Narada Gana Sabha , December 2011

One vivid memory of a performance is attending a Rajesh Vaidya concert in Narada Gana Sabha. Rajesh Vaidya is a veena player who has a unique style. For example, see his recent One minute, one song every day series Veena that features snippets of film songs.

Many of the rasikas (audience members) are older people who may not always appreciate the explorations of the younger artists. We were sitting near one such person who was complaining loudly about the show. We named him Rajesh Vaidya mama. Mama is a Tamil word for uncle. Since that day, we have a fun game called “What will Rajesh Vaidya mama say?”

Walking in Adyar, April 2022

I walk around in Adyar and Besant Nagar and see Starbucks, Pizza Hut, Dominos, a Waffle Place, Mc Donalds, Burger Man and Bubble tea place. On top of this, grocery stores sell cereals, pancakes, pastas, sauces, and other such items. So I ask my mom about what Rajesh Vaidya mamas will say to places like Bubble tea and Starbucks.

My mom replies that Rajesh Vaidya mama would say in a disapproving voice “What is this? Is this Chennai? Instead of having dosa, idli, vada, pongal, and coffee, people want pasta, pizza, burger, waffles, and bubble tea. What is this bubble tea? They should have filter coffee. Why are people eating cereals, pasta, sauce, and pizza at home also? “

Theater Experiences in London: June 2022

My sister-in-law, Sherry, loves going to shows. So, I get many opportunities to go for shows in London with my brother and sister-in-law. If you remember my Wailing in Washington story, you will remember that I did not let Aneesh watch anything when I was younger. Now, I attend shows and enjoy them fully.

Sometimes, my mother comes with me to shows too. My mother and I went to two shows last year. We had bubble tea on both occasions. Bubble tea was introduced to us by Sherry and Aneesh. But we were very surprised to see a bubble tea shop in Chennai.

Narada Gana Sabha, 2022

I was excited to be able to perform in Narada Gana Sabha. I have vivid memories of that day in Narada Gana Sabha more than ten years ago. I am looking forward to performing another show for RASA Day in Narada Gana Sabha.

This is Rajesh Vaidya Mama representation by our budding CreativeSaathi Morpheus Nag 15years from Chandigarh

Thanks to my friend Morpheus Nag!

Ananth Raghunandan