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CreativeSaathis- Welcome Post

Specialsaathi is glad to announce a new initiative under our bloggersaathi category- CreativeSaathi

Creative lead for CreativeSaathi initiatives is Ms.Heena Sahi.

–>>CreativeSaathi is our new initiative which is the daily blogging of Artworks.
By seeing such an overwhelming response from all the little children and from their parents we have decided to extend our support and to provide a daily platform to all the budding artists.

–>>Please note you need to send your original artworks with all the details(specifications of the artwork etc)description, topic if any etc.
Email –
And copy the mail to

–>>Artwork can be a poster, or art done on sheets, canvas, fabric, different objects(bubblewraps, ice-cream stick, utensils, vases, stones, etc)

–>> It could also be any craft-work (like creating a best out of waste concept from the household stuff)

–>> Why Artworks or CreativeSaathi??
Because– Art is a form of expression which is in-built in most of our children, it comes naturally to them. So by using this mode of expression our children can:-

  1. Give their message to the world/people around.
  2. They express their feelings of happiness, sadness, anger, anxiety, shock, grief etc
  3. They can frame their affirmations- like framing an affirmation to be healthy, or to be happy, or build confidence, to be self aware.
  4. They can create a lot of awareness through their creatives and art.
  5. They can showcase their talent.
  6. This initiative could lead them to independence, recognition and employment opportunities by creating a platform having a worldwide audience.

So, all the best to one and all!!

CreativeSaathi associates

Specialsaathi is thrilled to welcome 4 CreativeSaathi associates on board. They are young, energetic, full of unique ideas, renowned artists, professionally inclined towards Arts. We are extremely proud of each one of them.

1. Ansh Batra, 15 years, Gurgaon

2. Vinayak Raj, 12 years, Greater Noida

3. Morpheus Nag, 15 years, Chandigarh

4. Kabir Vernal, 11 years, Hyderabad

We will be associating their creative work on our website. We will also act as an unique platform to showcase their talent and expertise.

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Music , Rhythm and Autism

Music , Rhythm and Autism

While individuals with autism face many challenges including communication and repetitive “tick-like” behaviors, they often excel in music….Percussion activities are a big boon for kids/adults with autism in many ways 

It helps them to work with consistency in day to day tasks and chores as it has preliminary affect on concentration, attention ,focus, behavior and at times communication.

It improves rhythm ,dexterity and timing

“A drum circle is a rhythm-based event that utilizes a variety of hand drums and percussion instruments to empower a community of participants with the ability to create beautiful, spontaneous music.”

In addition, percussion activities can give non verbal children a voice and a means to express their emotion through the rhythm, tone, and volume of their drumming.

Sensory acceptance:

It is surely a sensory “rich” experience. It assists with reinforcing body awareness, touch, vision, and hearing skills. There have been reports of children becoming less sensitive to loud sounds after participating in such activities

Motor skills are enhanced.

Participants who are  playing percussion instruments  utilize eye/hand coordination, vestibular movement and visual perception. Motor skills emphasized include coordination, strength, and endurance as hands and arms are moving and the body is swaying to the rhythm.

Percussion is not only by means of tabla , drumming is the best to do this ….

My blog  is based on a research study By Robert Damm, PhD. …

Creative Efforts and Research Enthusiast – Heena Sahi