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Welcome to the Specialsaathi’s Online Art Exhibition 2022

I m grateful to Shilpi for giving me the opportunity to be a part of the art competition. Each art work was beautiful so judging it was not easy. As such every art created is a wonder in itself . Thank you once again – Monika Saroch (Judge of the SpecialSaathi Children’s day Art competition)

Loved the originality and uniqueness of the artworks. Beautiful paintings by all the children. Thank you for providing this platform to the budding artists. – Jaya Mulraj (Judge of the SpecialSaathi Children’s day Art competition)

Congratulations to all the budding artists for putting efforts in participating.
None of them is less than a masterpiece for me, I wish you all love and blessings ❤️ – Anshul Batra (coordinator of the SpecialSaathiChildren’sdayArt competition)

Congratulations kids!
Participating in an event itself is an accomplishment, and you crossed that hurdle, went further and won the prize!
You have made not only yourself and your parents proud but to the whole community and esp your peers!
Keep going and God Bless you all! Shinjita Pant (Coordinator of the SpecialSaathi Children’s Day online event)

Kudos to all the kids for creating beautiful and mature artwork! Love the way parents shared their child’s work and connected with us. Lots of love and blessings. Shilpi Mayank Awasthi

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Every artwork is a masterpiece …. undoubtly beautiful … amazing work by everyone … keep it up … I am extremely happy to see all the creative saathi associates shining and prospering …. all the best n god bless you

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