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A Promise

On Children’s Day, A poem for all our lovely children by Simmi Vasu

What do I see in you, my son?
I see, our future and our country’s young.
The future which would be bright and gay
Where narrow minds will have to give way.

Yes! It will be a new dawn,
Of literacy, equality and oneness among all.
Where people will not die of hunger,
Each one would get his due for labour.

Each child would go to school one day
They will not be buried in soot and clay.
Each girl will proudly stride,
For a better life and future bright.

Your world will be free of scams,
Where politicians and leaders will not be shams.
Where knowledge and integrity will be the true powers.
Not money or muscle power.

You will be our guiding light
A leader with a heart and insight.
Proudly will you lead us afar,
And remove these faithless scars.

For my child, now I am old and bitter,
Of this uncouth, untrue dance of our leaders.
Oh! I cannot bear my motherland crying,
A slow and painful death, she is dying

The country today needs you, my son.
It’s children like you who have to take the plunge.
Lead us to that Promised Land.
Promise me son, you will take that chance.

Simmi Vasu

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