The Magic Wand- by Vandana Gautam: Joint winner of the third position in the story contest.

They were a happy couple married for 4 years. Both of them were IT professionals working for top MNCs and enjoyinga luxurious life. They were waiting eagerly for their first born. Finally the wait was over and a little baby boy with divine smile entered their lives. Whole family was so happy, both of them were so excited, they were planning schools, vacations, play dates and so many things for the little one. Things were going all happy and good and then.

Suddenly she noticed something is not right, little one was not responding to his name, he was not playing with the toys, and he was not taking interest in people including them. They were confused, elders told them “don’t worry he might be delayed speech like you.. um bhi late bole the “. Few family members told them”it is because you are so busy with your jobs “Ab maid ke paas bacha hogaa to aise hi hogad'”. Friends told iť’s okay “sab thik ho jaayega . Their hearts knew that something was wrong with the child but what was it? It seemed like a big piece of puzzle.

Finally they decided to take the child for to a doctor. Assessments, tests, evaluations and then there was the diagnosis AUTISM. What.. What is this world? Both of them had never heard or if they heard they might have just ignored. What is this and what does it mean to my child? Doctors and therapists told them “This is a condition where your child will need extra support and love and some different ways to see the world. He has been wired differently and he is born and this is part of his life “They were again confused they did not understand any of the words or suggestions given by the professionals. For them he is a 20 months little cute boy and they want to see him going school, doing all things like other kids do and enjoy the life. They were in a state of denial and non-acceptance. To them there has to be some medicine, some procedure, and some therapy that will cure their son. They were looking for the MAGIC WAND .

Search for magic wand started and they were running from one doctor to another, from one therapy to another, from one pandit to another, from one approach to another and. They were just lost still they were not able to find the Jaadu ki Chadi “The Magic Wand'”. They were looking for the cure they were running around to end the condition, they were still in the Denial Phase and they were not accepting the reality. And in this race the child was getting lost, little tiny young bubbly boy was so exhausted travelling places to places and doing the hard work all day long without getting the play and fun time, He was so busy that eating and sleeping was also done during the travelling time. In search of the Magic Wand the magic of his childhood, his naughtiness, his innocence was getting lost. Not able to communicate he was getting more hyper, aggressive and irritable….

He was shouting, crying, banging trying to tell them “Mom and Dad the Magical Wand you are looking for is with you only, and that is You my lovely Mamma and Papa, You are the change makers, You are the ones who can do the magic. You are the one who can make things happen, First accept the fact that i am wired differently. Accept me as is. Do not Rush, Take Baby steps, understand and learn the way I learn, Be my Model I will learn with your guidance and support. You be the Magic wand and do the Jaadu “The Magic Wand is your acceptance, awareness and unconditional love.

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How true, Magic Wand resonates each parent who has a differently abled child. And yes We are the Magic Wand…🥰

A very true feeling every parent on spectrum goes through and should understand. Kudos for penning it down.

Very true …we are the magic wand for our children. Only we can understand them than any other.Very nice and true story.

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